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Seth Kaufman, Psy.D. is a Career Coach and Counselor in Philadelphia, PA
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When I contacted Seth I was overwhelmed by my workload and unclear about my career direction. With Seth’s help, I learned how to say yes to the projects I enjoy and no to those I do not. I made important decisions about my future career goals, streamlined my workload, and found the time to enjoy the rest of my life. Working with Seth has been like having a career mentor in my back pocket. He is generous with his time and wisdom, and always guides me to do what is best
for me.

- Greg
Internet Technology Consultant
Los Angeles, CA

I knew Seth was going to be the right coach for me within 10 minutes of our first conversation. From the start, he provided the guidance and thought provoking questions I needed. I soon realized I would not be happy doing the same old, and that I could reinvent myself by leveraging my creative and entrepreneurial talents. I am happier and more productive than I have been in years, and truly excited to work
on building my new

- Chris
Web Designer
Brooklyn, NY

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“How to Change Careers or
Re-energize Your Current Career with Clarity, Confidence and Wisdom”

Discover how Certified Career Coach
Seth Kaufman, Psy.D. can be your strategic career planning guide through times of uncertainty in your work…

You may be standing at a crossroad right now, faced with a monumental decision.

Seth Kaufman, career coach in Philadelphia

Perhaps you are realizing that this      is the only life you will ever have,      and that it’s time to discover your      ideal career

Perhaps you want to re-craft your      current career

Perhaps you know what you want,      but have no idea how to make      your dream career come true

Perhaps you're wanting to strike a      more rewarding work-life balance

Seth Kaufman is your professional career counselor in Philadelphia with more than 20 years of experience.


So now, today, in this moment, what will you choose?

I’m Seth Kaufman, a career coach in Philadelphia PA. I help clients just like you to take on challenges like:

Discovering the career that is a perfect fit for you

Re-inventing yourself to make a successful career change

Learning how to leverage your best talents and highest aspirations

Preparing for and acing your job interview

Creating new levels of fulfillment in your life outside of work

For over two decades as a career counselor in Philadelphia, I’ve helped professionals like you to re-evaluate their life’s purpose, discover unique career opportunities, and land your dream job, so that you can achieve true and lasting fulfillment.

As a certified coach offering career coaching in Philadelphia and surrounding cities, I’ve been trained to use the 7-Step Model for Clarity and Results. Clients who have used this model have seen dramatic shifts in their careers. They have achieved new careers, new levels of confidence and new frontiers of personal and professional growth.


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Take a look around this web site and discover all the possibilities that a renewed focus on your true gifts can afford you. You were born to realize your greatest potential and discover your dream career!

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Dr. Seth Kaufman, a Philadelphia career coach, offers career counseling in Philadelphia, and serves clients in Center City, Cherry Hill, Wilmington Delaware, DE, the Main Line, and by phone across the entire United States and Canada.

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