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Create your unique definition of what it means to be a successful leader.

Step into your personal power and take your leadership abilities to the next level.

For you, developing your leadership skills might mean learning how to foster team collaboration, make decisions with confidence, refine your emotional intelligence, or improve your communication skills.

Whatever your leadership coaching goals may be, together we can help you grow into a strong and powerful leader.

Whether you’re a corporate executive, director of a non-profit, or an independent business owner, it’s time to claim your place as the leader you’re meant to be – and get the recognition you deserve.

How Seth's leadership coaching works

We start with a complementary Coaching Consultation to see how we can partner together to build your effectiveness as a leader.

In our one-on-one coaching sessions in my Philadelphia office or by phone, we’ll assess your leadership strengths and weaknesses, and create a vision of the leader you most want to be.

Anita Mills

You get to a certain point in your career where the game changes and you need to learn new skills. That higher level, becoming a leader, is a completely different skill-set than the worker-bee skill set.
And leadership brings a different type of responsibility. It’s responsibility in your interactions, and that shifts you into a more pro-active approach to relationships. A lot of people think leadership is about control – but it’s not. The higher you go, the less control you have, and that used to be very frustrating to me. Now I see that it’s my job as a leader to help guide the bigger collaboration of the team to create the necessary change.

Anita Mills, Internet Technology Solutions Consultant, Philadelphia, PA

We’ll dive deep to access your innate leadership talents and close the gaps in your skills.

Customized exercises and fieldwork between coaching sessions will keep you focused, and reveal insights into how you can think differently about yourself as a leader.

We’ll create a step-by-step plan for you to learn what you need to learn to position yourself for success.

Along the way, we’ll foster your personal growth by creating strategies to get you past any internal blocks holding you back from reaching your full leadership potential.

Our goal is for you to become fully self-empowered as the leader you most want to be!

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“Leadership is practiced not so much in words as in attitude and in actions.”
– Harold Geneen, Chairman, ITT Corporation

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George Chianese

Seth has helped me greatly in building my business. He has shown me how to get out of my own way, and go after the work I want. Since working with Seth my business and income has grown, and I believe I am communicating better with my clients. He is a truly nice guy and I enjoy talking with him.

George Chianese, BS, Business Owner, George Renders, Architectural Rendering, Philadelphia, PA

Reena Driggs

I worked with Seth during a work sabbatical to evaluate my career choices. He not only helped me embrace my current career choice (which was great as I could continue to leverage the 20 years I had invested) but also helped me understand what I enjoyed in my role as a leader, and how to get better at it.
Seth is a great listener and picked up on nuances to help me dig deeper into my values and passion at work. He asked thought provoking questions and encouraged going outside my comfort zone. He provided information regarding tools and resources that I could use to formally educate myself and keep getting better as a leader.

Reena Driggs, M.S., IT Director, Philadelphia, PA