Career and Leadership Coach Reviews

John Sears
John Sears, Ph.D., M.B.A., Associate Director, Global Marketing, Johnson & Johnson, Philadelphia, PA

I'd been mulling my career path for a while. How could I reconcile the differences between what I'm good at, versus what I want to pursue, versus what's feasible? And what are the practical tips and guidance to help me identify where I'd be happiest and most fulfilled in my career?

Seth offers a unique perspective since he's gone through major career changes himself. It shows that he has the career athleticism to appreciate what it means to make changes and to understand the courage it takes. He has the credibility to say, "I can help you with this because I've lived through multiple aspects of career crossroads."

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Anita Mills
Anita Mills, M.A., Internet Technology Solutions Consultant, Philadelphia, PA

You get to a certain point in your career where the game changes and you need to learn new skills. That higher level, becoming a leader, is a completely different skill-set than the worker- bee skill set.

And leadership brings a different type of responsibility. It’s responsibility in your interactions, and that shifts you into a more pro-active approach to relationships. A lot of people think leadership is about control – but it’s not. The higher you go, the less control you have, and that used to be very frustrating to me. Now I see that it’s my job as a leader to help guide the bigger collaboration of the team to create the necessary change.

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Katie Rose Thornton
Katie Rose Thornton, M.B.A. Director, Basketball Marketing, Villanova University, Villanova, PA

Professionally I was doing very well, but I was unhappy because I wasn’t connecting my personal values and passions with what I was doing. I didn’t know how to get off the track and move somewhere else. And I’d been flailing for so long!

I was looking for someone who could help me figure out how to position myself to move from the private sector to higher education. How would I be viewed as a viable candidate given where I was in my career?

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Renai Ellison
Renai Ellison, M.A., CEO, Renai Ellison Coaching and Training, Princeton, NJ

I was in a highly competitive industry, and I had what some would call a very glamorous career. But it just wasn’t fulfilling, and I wanted something that was going to fulfill me. I wanted it, and I wanted it badly.

I know that people who are really successful have coaches, so I started to look for someone who would be right for me. I selected Seth because of his process and how he was so interested in my story. I also thought his credentials were really impressive. 

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Reena Driggs
Reena Driggs, M.S., IT Director, Philadelphia, PA

I worked with Seth during a work sabbatical to evaluate my career choices. He not only helped me embrace my current career choice (which was great as I could continue to leverage the 20 years I had invested) but also helped me understand what I enjoyed in my role as a leader, and how to get better at it. Seth is a great listener and picked up on nuances to help me dig deeper into my values and passion at work. He asked thought provoking questions and encouraged going outside my comfort zone. He provided information regarding tools and resources that I could use to formally educate myself and keep getting better as a leader.