Anita's Client Story

Anita Mills
Anita Mills, M.A., Internet Technology Solutions Consultant, Philadelphia, PA

You get to a certain point in your career where the game changes and you need to learn new skills. That higher level, becoming a leader, is a completely different skill-set than the worker- bee skill set.

And leadership brings a different type of responsibility. It’s responsibility in your interactions, and that shifts you into a more pro-active approach to relationships. A lot of people think leadership is about control – but it’s not. The higher you go, the less control you have, and that used to be very frustrating to me. Now I see that it’s my job as a leader to help guide the bigger collaboration of the team to create the necessary change.

I used to be black-and-white, something was right or it was wrong. But Seth helped me see that the responsibility of the world is not on my shoulders. I can cut myself some slack and let go of the perfectionist mentality. That was very freeing. And when I’m able to let go of things like that, I’m more easy-going. I don’t get as frustrated, and I’m more of a team player.

I can have an opinion, and at the same time, it doesn’t have to be my way. I can say my opinion, and then I can work with the other person to find common ground. That’s the key, recognizing that there is common ground no matter how difficult the situation. And once you find that common ground, you find a way to have a working relationship.

At the end of the day, it’s just human experience. And that means seeing the other person as human, no matter what issues you’re dealing with. You’re always looking for that common ground.

Seth is a good person and a great career coach, and he can help people change the things they need to change in order to be successful and happy.

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