John's Client Story

John Sears
John Sears, Ph.D., M.B.A., Associate Director, Global Marketing, Johnson & Johnson, Philadelphia, PA

Seth offers a unique perspective since he's gone through major career changes himself. It shows that he has the career athleticism to appreciate what it means to make changes and to understand the courage it takes. He has the credibility to say, "I can help you with this because I've lived through multiple aspects of career crossroads."

Seth has a way of building a systematic, empathic, and trusting environment where you can really feel like you're gaining immediately. He listened and he took notes. I could tell he was gaining more and more understanding of my position, and he was giving me practical, tactical, day-to-day advice on how to start bridging gaps, approaching conversations, and making changes within my current position to put myself in better position for the future.

The biggest thing he helped me identify is that sometimes we get in our own way. It's easy to see how other people are impeding your progress. But to realize that I'm partially responsible for this, realizing that if I don't believe in myself, maybe I'm presenting that to other people, that was huge.

When it comes to your career and your own health and wellbeing, there's no dollar that's too high to invest in yourself. Seth was able to uncover so much with me in such a short amount of time that I felt like I got the best career tune-up that I could. It was definitely worth the investment, because Seth equipped me with the power to feel like I'm in control of being able to shape my career.

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