Career Development Advice From A Career Coach

Career on Black-Golden Watch Face.What is the core of Career Development? The answer to this question varies depending on whom you ask. Below are five varied viewpoints on what drives career development.

  1. Career development requires clarity of vision about what you want your career to look like in ten years, real time networking, and knowing your value in the marketplace.
  2. Career development involves skillful navigation of the culture and politics of an organization; including the interpersonal dynamics between and among those with whom you interact.
  3. Career development is grounded in emotional intelligence, well honed communication skills, and being a savvy listener who grasps the nuances of both what is said and not said.
  4. Career development requires the courage to commit to overcoming challenges that move you beyond your personal comfort zone.
  5. Career development is dependent on a stellar resume and LinkedIn profile.

My career development advice from a Career Coach is that all of the above are important for career success. In my experience as a Career Coach, however, many individuals over focus on the last point to the detriment of the others.

For example, the mindset that the perfect resume and Linked In profile is the core of career development is an unfortunate instance of not seeing the forest for the trees. It is quite seductive to think that an artful resume or online profile will do the trick. The truth, however, is that the real world rarely operates this way. This is not to say that your resume or online profile is irrelevant. What I am saying, is that while a great resume is an important tool, it is not the key driver of career success.

What then, is the most important common factor underlying successful career development? The answer is ongoing personal growth. In the end, personal growth, not your resume, is the engine that produces dynamic leaders, fulfilling careers, and exceptional results.

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